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I'm so sick of's time to shift!

inspiration Jan 03, 2023

So why is this newsletter finally happening? It has nothing to do with the turn of the calendar year. The truth is, I’m sick of myself. I recognize that complete disgust in myself is often a motivator for me. Can you relate? 

I have been sitting on so many ideas and plans for the last 5 years, but have done very little with it all. I’m tired of going around in circles and only making small progress. Sound familiar? I created my website over 2 years ago to launch a yoga teacher training and had full intention of doing so much more on the site, but I got in my own way and held myself back. I have not had the courage to step forward into more, until now. 

We all have different degrees of breaking points. What level of “fed up” do you need to be at to finally take action? Only you can answer this, because it’s different for everyone. The misery, disgust, dissatisfaction of remaining exactly where I am is surpassing my fear of what I may experience by taking action. I've reached my breaking point and so I know it’s time.

There are many different ways of being moved to create change. I value them all. In a recent podcast, I speak about intentional, purposeful action versus reactionary. With planned action, we create foundation and structure to support us. But when life deals us a big blow or a sudden shift, then often we are forced into a sudden, reactionary change in life. Hello, death and divorce! Those were two of the greatest catalysts for change and growth in my life. The process was a lot of self work and discovery. I’ll save that for another newsletter or over a few drinks with you possibly some day. 😉

Sometimes I shock myself into a shift. Like last NYE when I went off grid into the woods and didn’t eat for 100 hours and slept in the rain and cold. That was my attempt at a vision quest. When I came out of that, I was clear and had a plan which I put into action immediately. 

Other times I go for goals slowly and deliberately with committed, daily work. Like when I did 29029 event and hiked the elevation of Mt. Everest in 35 hours with no sleep. That took daily commitment over months of training. 

Look back at how you have created lasting change in your life. How did you make it happen? Was it purposeful, reactionary, or were you sick of yourself and decided it was time? Use every experience of your life as an opportunity to create what you want. Be patient with yourself, no matter what causes you to seek change, because lasting change takes time. Change is not easy for any of us. The more often you seek ways to grow and shift, the more comfortable you get with being uncomfortable. 

Are you going to create conscious, deliberate change? Maybe life is punching you in the guts right now and you are being forced to change quickly? Are you like me right now and just sick of yourself? Maybe it’s a persistent, quiet, little voice from your soul telling you it’s time for something more. There is value in all the ways of motivation, but the decision for action is yours.  

Keep growing, keep shifting. Life is a journey. I'm cheering you on!

Be well,


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