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Be Aware of Where You are Moving Your Junk!

inspiration Feb 22, 2023

Have you ever gone to clean out a closet only to rearrange items or move things from one place to another and never really get rid of anything? Yeah…me too! Let’s not even talk about the junk drawer we all have!

Reorganizing your junk or moving it around isn’t really doing you any good. 

When you work to get rid of it, make sure you truly get rid of it!

In yoga practice, we become aware of where we are moving things. We consciously work to relax and release tension in the body. I’m talking both physical tension like tight hamstrings as well as emotional tension. 

When we do the work to open the hips, we make sure we aren’t just moving the tension from our hips and allowing it to settle elsewhere in our bodies like in our shoulders. We keep the rest of the body relaxed as well. When we become aware of our emotional and mental state, we take care as to not allow the tension that may exist there to migrate to somewhere new. Our breath and our awareness become our greatest tools for making sure we are actually releasing the tension rather than just shifting it to other areas of our body. 

Right now is a great time of the year to check in with yourself again.

 We are coming off the New Year buzz and the hype of resolutions (what did I say I was going to do again this year?). We get random warm days in the winter months that give us a glimpse of excitement and hope for the spring season ahead. The lenten season is upon us and the spring equinox and daylight savings changes are within reach. All of these are opportunities to check in again and make sure we are on track with what we say we desire.

So many times we do work to create something new and great and desirable in our lives only to create something we don't really want. 


So we ask….

Have I followed through on the habits and goals I was saying I wanted? 

In the pursuit of my goals and resolutions, have I developed some unwanted behaviors consciously or unconsciously?

As I look to create change and growth in my life at any point, am I making sure that I’m not just moving my junk from one place to another?

Am I getting rid of one undesirable only to develop a new undesirable? 

So check in with yourself today and every day to make sure you aren’t just shifting your junk around. When you decide, commit and take action to let it go…truly let it go!

Wishing you less junk in your life,

Be well, 



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