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Are You Really Giving Your Best?

inspiration Mar 08, 2023

Are you really doing the best that you can or are you just going through the motions of life? Are you just doing the minimum in order to get by? Your job, your health, your family, your relationships...This can feel like a tough question when we are really honest. Think on this for a moment and read on!


Just consider your job for now. It is all relative, but let's just start there.


Whether you have a traditional job, run your own biz or you are a stay at home parent...Are you really giving it your best effort? Now I’m not saying you need to be the number one producer, the highest paid, or the fastest worker or the smartest employee...but I'm just wondering if you are really putting forth your best effort? Or are you there just to collect a pay check? Or are you capable of more?


Here is why it matters. 

I know some people really don’t care about their jobs or the companies they work for. That's going to happen, and it’s unfortunate really. 


Your performance at work matters because your effort is a reflection of who you are, even if you don't think it is!


How you show up is a representative of your character and not really what you think about your job. 



Even if you don’t feel invested in your job, you should give your best effort because you are invested in yourself. 


Businesses and leaders have an opportunity to bring out the best work in their employees in many ways…through continuing education, building a culture, great benefits and retention strategies. But in the end, it is up to you to decide how you are going to perform. 


Whether or not you are giving your best effort is up to you. Either way, it is a representation of who you are.


Even if you are conscious of your subpar performance, unconsciously you are programming yourself for subpar performance in all areas of your life. Because...things spill over into all areas of your life. Your life at work is relative to your relationships, your health, and everything!  




How you show up in one area of your life is usually how you show up in many areas of your life. 



We all have bad days and bad seasons where we do just go through the motions just to survive. But we must find a way to return to our passion, desire and fire for all areas of our life. Because that is the fuel!



It really doesn’t have anything to do with high expectations or high standards…it is more about living up to your potential and your capability. We all have bad days and poor performances for one reason or another, but overall we should all be reporting that we are giving it our best. And when I say “it”, I’m not referring exclusively to a job…I’m referring to your entire life. 


Give all areas of your life your best effort. 


Give your life your best!


Wishing you the best...because I'm here to give you mine! 


Be well,






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