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I am my own #1 Fan!

inspiration Jan 10, 2023

It is wonderful having people in our lives that support, encourage and love us. They cheer us on, they believe in us, and it can make all the difference in our life.  I hope that you have at least one person in your life that shows up for you like this. 

We value this support from others immensely, but let’s get honest…the support from others is not always going to be there every single time you need it. It is impossible to have someone with you every moment whispering words of encouragement and speaking belief into you at exactly the time you need. Although this feels like a bummer, don’t be discouraged! There is a simple, powerful solution…and its YOU!

 Who do you spend the most time with?…YOU.

Who is always talking to you even when you want some peace and quiet?…YOU.

Who has been there with you through every single moment of your life?…YOU. 

YOU are the answer!

Learn to be your own encourager! You may think I’m crazy, and you aren’t wrong on that, but I’m here to tell you a few ways that I have become my own number one fan. It has made all the difference in my life. 

 The encouraging voice:

The voice in my head is one of encouragement. Now, I’m not going to lie and say I never have doubt, fear or insecurity, I say some pretty terrible things about myself in my own head at times. But I never allow those voices to stay. Any time negativity comes into my head, I flip the script. For example…

”I’m so tired” turns into “I have the amount of energy to do what is needed today”. 

“You make bad decisions” turns into “You are making decisions based on what you’ve experienced in life so far”. 

“You can’t do this, Jenny” turns into “You can do this, and regardless of the outcome, you will learn something”.

Negativity is unwelcome in my head and I counter it with positive thoughts. It wasn’t always like this for me. It took months and years to create this new way of being. Begin and just keep at it. Remember that everything new feels awkward at first.  

I remember my past:

You don’t need to look too far for inspiration. Look at your own past. I think back to when I’ve battled hard things in my life and how I managed my way through it. My history has proven that I can get through tough times and come out better on the other side. This gives me confidence in the face of current self doubt and hesitation. I look back at the past, but don’t hang out there too long. The present is where life is really happening. It’s where the magic is now. Look back at your own past to see how you can be your own greatest source of inspiration NOW. 

My why:

I remind myself why I am doing all the things I am doing. I think of my goals, my intentions.  Staying connected to your "why" is powerful and is talked about often in the personal development realm. But I also like to remember how terrible and unfulfilled I feel when I’m not moving in the direction of my purpose. I remember how I have been guided to be right here. This is exactly where I need to be right now. 

My belief in myself has become so strong that even when I have naysayers (including my own voice) telling me otherwise, I disregard it. I hear it, but don’t take it in. 

Some of this feels super cheesy and awkward at first. And honestly it should. This is a new way for many of us, but it is a powerful way of programming yourself. In time, positive self talk becomes part of the very fiber of your being. It becomes a habit that then becomes part of your character.  It becomes who you are. You must do things differently if you want different results. And it needs to begin in your head! 

Be your own #1 fan. Then any other support you receive is bonus!

I'm bonus support for you! I'm cheering you on! But you also must do this for yourself too!

Wishing you the best!

Be well,




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