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It's time to get curious!

inspiration Jan 26, 2023

To become curious about yourself, to become the most interesting person in your universe (podcast)…why does it matter? Because the more information you have about yourself, the more likely you are to make good decisions for yourself. Curiosity can also deepen your relationships…especially the one with yourself. 

We are with ourselves all the time, literally! But how well do we really know and understand ourselves? It’s easy to just go through the motions of life and carry on with habits and routines, doing the things we always do, behaving and saying the things we have always said…but this is not the way of mindfulness and presence that we all seek. We need to check in with ourselves constantly so that we are living in a way that is in line with what is important to us while also living intentionally and on purpose!

My yoga practice is a place where I learn loads about myself. When I am being challenged on my mat physically, how do I react? What are some of the things I’m saying to myself during practice? Can I relax with what is or am I fighting and resisting? Am I doing what is best for me or just trying to fit in and do what everyone else is doing? Am I being present with myself and my practice or am I distracted and my mind is wandering? Yoga practice mirrors so much of what happens in life. 

Off my mat, I ask myself these same questions when I interact with others. When I find myself in a challenging or irritating situations, I get curious about myself. When I get frustrated with someone or even feel anger or another strong emotion…I get curious. I ask myself where is this coming from? What else does this mean? Is there something to help me here? What do I need to work on? 

If you aren’t happy with some of your current habits and behaviors, curiosity can be a great place to begin. Just ask yourself questions and see what comes up. 

Even if we don’t get answer to our questions, we will still develop a deeper awareness with ourselves and others. Understanding myself has led me to stop with the self criticism and self judgement. When I understand why I am the way I am then its easier to care, love and accept myself just as is. 

It’s time to get curious!!

Be well, Be curious,




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