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The answer is Love. It is that simple.

inspiration Feb 15, 2023

When I contemplate the big questions of life and the overwhelming problems of our world…the solution that I always return to is love; 

To love myself and to love others as openly, honestly, bravely and completely as I can. 


When I’ve hurt another…I return to them with love to make things better

When someone hurts me…I go to them with love as an example of forgiveness

When I am confused about a decision…I ask myself what choice brings love 

When I don’t agree with someone…I consider their viewpoint through the lens of love

When I am sad…I consider how I can feel loved

When I am grumpy…I think about how I can show myself love

When I feel sorry for myself…I look at how I can love others to feel love return to me

When I fight with another…I let go of my ego and and look for how I can show up with love

When I make a bad parenting decision…I return to my kids with love 



I would rather love than be right

I would rather love than be controlling

I would rather love than build walls to protect myself

I would rather love than try to be better than someone else.

I would rather love than be divisive

Because honestly, love just feels better!



It can feel really difficult to love sometimes, especially when someone has hurt you deeply. Begin by coming back to love yourself through self care and self concern. Eventually in time you may be able to offer them love through forgiveness and maybe not. But begin with love for yourself. Heal yourself first through love. 



When I feel the challenges of loving another come up within me, I literally work to soften my heart. When love feels challenging, my chest tightens and I feel fear, anger and frustration. I ask myself, “how can I love this person? How can love make this better?” So I focus on relaxing my heart with every exhale. I visualize the blood flowing through and around my heart. I soften my shoulders down and back to open my heart center. I invite love to come to my heart and I even visualize myself projecting love, warmth and light to the other person, allowing it to envelop them. Things will usually shift quickly. It all takes work though. I’m not going to say that it's easier to love than it is to despise or be angry. Both involve work and energy. But I do know that physically, energetically and emotionally, loving feels so much better. 



I will love again and again and again no matter how many times by heart may be hurt. Because I feel it is worth it. If I’m lucky my heart will love hundreds of times more through my lifetime and it’s likely to be broken almost as often. Because any loss in love breaks our hearts. Whether it’s through ended relationships, death, betrayal, disappointment or more…it all breaks our hearts. So love often and abundantly...romantic loves, friendship loves, family loves, community loves. Don't withhold your love. 



For me personally, the feeling of love cannot be matched. Love brings me hope, energy, creativity, confidence, assurance, peace and more. These feelings are worth becoming vulnerable again with my tender, beat up heart. Because the purpose of life is to love and be loved. Love is it. Love is the answer. 



Take care of your tender heart and work to love. It is the answer. 


Be well,



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