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What is Your Foundation?

inspiration Mar 01, 2023

In yoga, all poses begin with foundation. Sometimes foundation is through your feet in a standing pose like tree or warrior 2. Other times foundation is through your sit bones of your pelvis in a seated pose like a forward fold or boat.  No matter the pose, there is foundation. 

If your foundation is not solid and rooted, then the rest of the pose will be shaky and you are more likely to falter. 

Boom! That’s right…what happens on your mat is usually a reflection or a metaphor for what is happening in your life off the mat.


Foundation is the place where all things begin and expand from.


If a foundation is shaky, all things built upon this will eventually crumble. It is easy to see this play out on your yoga mats with poses, but we should consider how this plays out in our lives off the mat as well. 

Our foundation is a place for us to return to when life throws knocks us around. It is also a place for us to build, create and flourish from. 


So how connected and aware are you of your own foundation in life? 

What does your foundation consist of?

What feelings are part of your foundation?

What ideals and beliefs are paramount to you? 

What is your purpose, intention and why in life? 

Who is the most important in your life? 

What are your core values and beliefs?

How do you feel best supported and nourished in your life? 

What must you do to feel foundation again? 


In life we must find our foundation! When we feel off kilter or unsteady because of planned or unexpected change, we need to come back to our foundation.


For me…getting back to foundation means connecting with my closest loved ones who provide me with foundational love and acceptance. It also means remembering my core values and beliefs. I remember my “why” and my own personal statement of purpose. And of course for physical foundation I return to the basics of health, nutrition and exercise.

In yoga, it's the same. When I feel my balance begin to sway or become unsteady in a pose, I remember to come back to foundation of the pose. I root down into the earth and extend up.  I hug into myself to feel more steady. I focus. I return to my breath and I slow things down.

Have you become still and really considered what your foundation is? 

When I am connected to foundation, I feel supported by the universe. I feel connected to God and life flows again. When I lose foundation, my life becomes chaotic, frantic, anxious and uncertain. 

You must come back to foundation physically, emotionally and spiritually to find steadiness again. 

Drop down from the busyness of your mind, the overwhelm, the confusion and get back to your foundation. This is how you will find a rooted, steady foundation to grow, expand and flourish. Your foundation must be strong and stable so when life throws you off balance…you are less likely to crash and hurt yourself. So…what is foundational to you? Take the time to know this about yourself. So that when life feels unstable you know your foundation to return to. 

Wishing you a solid foundation,

Be well,



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